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Reusable silicon based screen protectors


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Jun 28, 2010
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Hey guys wondering if someone could help me out pls. I'm thinking bout buying one of those reusable silicon based screen protectors. Is it true they do not use any glue and do not leave behind a sticky residue?I'm finding it hard to understand how it can remain sticky once u wash it!!! Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks
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i used & also ordered invisibleshield from Zagg - they stand behind their product
there ius no glue or any residue.
the film is applied with a liquid or foam they supply - and they have videos of how it is applied
Just buy a xtreme guard off eBay there $3 shipped comes with front and back and are reusable.
I am currently using the full body invisible shield by zagg on my ip4. I wouldnt buy anything else besides maybe ghost armor (being since its probably the same material). I also had zagg's screen protector for my 3gs. It stayed on there the whole time. Why i prefer this brand? Unlike other protectors, i think it sticks better than the harder plastic screens and no, it does not leave any sticky stuff when you peal it off. It can be a lil tricky to put on if youre careless but ive always been able to put it on perfect every time. However, the protector is not reuseable like what youre describing. It is only a one time use. Actualy, now that i remember, i had it on my ip3g too and sold it to my friend who still has it and its still on that phone too.