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Review: id america gasket aluminum snap case


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Jan 11, 2011
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Id America Gasket Case
If your a car freak or just into unique cases the Id America is for you. This aluminum snap style case comes in a nice professional package with both front and rear screen protector, squeegee and application card. The case is one of the only aluminum snap style cases on the market, do to reception problems this design just hasn't worked but Id America has figured it out.

Just like most other snap cases this is a minimal protection and bulk case. It will protect the corners and side from minor drops as well as the back. The Gasket case has no lay on table design and the design has the wholes of a head gasket stamped into the aluminum which leaves holes in the back piece. The case does come with a front and back screen protector which are pretty nice, I could see a small bit of rainbow effect but they fit pretty good, they should help with protecting the back from dust and dirt that might accumulate behind the case.

The functionality of the Gasket case is pretty good being that the design allows it to be very light weight and very thin. It slides in and out of the pocket very easily and the gasket design on the back also gives it really good grip, it is also a small downfall as it has kinda sharp edges that you can feel when you run your fingers across and through the holes, they aren't enough to cut you open but they have a sharp feel. The top and bottom cutouts are just two large cutouts so you will not have any problems getting third party connectors or headphone jacks to plug in. the volume and on/off switch are also very easy to access and the design even will allow use of the cdma verizon iPhone. The camera cutout on the back is a large circular cutout that works with the design of the back and will not cause any camera issues.

The name of the case the "gasket" is directly named off of the design that is basically a head gasket from a car stamped into the back of the case. The aluminum is very this and can be manipulated it pressed on hard enough. The inside has a one sided stick foam lining that keeps the aluminum from touching the phone. On my case the foam wasn't cut exactly and it left a sticky residue on the antenna band . The top left corner of the case is not connected to the antenna band like the rest of the side rails which I don't like but it does not effect the case fit at all. The sharp edges really aren't to sharp they just are that way from the precise cut during manufacturing. The quality of the finish and design is pretty good and very unique.

Overall this case might not appeal to many but for those who are into aluminum cases or cars this case is a good case for you. The case comes in grey, bronze, silver, vintage gold and jet black coming soon. You can check these out from the Id-America site and purchase them on there amazon site.

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