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Reformed iPhone-hating Android user, checking in.


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Feb 22, 2013
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In about 2007, TMobile came out with the "Wing" a horrible travesty of a slide phone running an older version of Windows Mobile 6, which is quite possibly the worst version of Windows Mobile ever made. It was touted as the "iPhone Killer". I bought one. It failed. Miserably. 6 months later the thing wouldn't even work, and I had to go to war with TMobile and cancel my account.

Then came the Samsung Instinct from Spint with much hype. That was supposed to be the iPhone killer. I bought one. It failed miserably. That lasted for over a year, but I couldn't wait to get rid of that, and fortunately for me, the REAL iPhone killer (no no, really, we're serious this time) was about to come out. The Palm Pre. When it did, I bought one. Thanks for the plastic screen, again. It too failed miserably. One year later, I couldn't wait to get rid of it

And right when the Palm Pre was on it's last leg, the NEXT iPhone killer was about to come out. The HTC Evo4G. That was a solid phone, but it was no iPhone killer. I abandoned it after a year so I could get the NEXT iPhone killer, the Evo 3D, which was worse than the Evo4G. Then the next iPhone killer, the Samsung Galaxy S2. Then the NEXT iPhone killer, the Galaxy S3. Fail, fail, fail.

All this power, yet nothing worked. Try to type something, wait for it to catch up. Try to visit a page, wait for it to crash, so you can reload it and try again. Try to move to another screen, watch it seize up for a second while it figures itself out.

The one thing that's been consistent with all of these phones?? They've all failed to outperform the iPhone, much less kill it. I've spent year after year, hundreds of dollars after hundreds of dollars dealing with crappy phones that were all supposed to kill the iPhone and failed to do so. Here I am, spending my money on devices that fail to deliver, and upon realizing this, the only consolation I had was "Wait till they come out with [insert model here] this year... That's going to be the best yet!!" and it never is.

I'm sick and tired of wasting my money on these junk phones that start failing after mere months. I'm sick and tired of seeing people who have had iPhones for YEARS, not months, still love their phones because they're still working perfectly, and watching them smirk when they see that my phone can't even send a goddamn text message without something lagging or crashing.

I've given Android their chance. I've given Palm their chance (wait, Palm who?) I've given Blackberry their chance. I've given Windows their chance. What have I got to show for it now?? All that money spent, and a stack of useless, broken, pathetic, forgotten phones is all I have to show for it now.

So on Monday, I decided to give a chance to the one company that actually seems to deserve it. The one company that actually knows how to make a goddamn phone that works, performs, and lasts. I've always said that when Apple produces a better phone than Android, I'd buy an iPhone. Well guess what? That day is here for me.

In the mobile world (mobile only... I have no qualms with PCs or Windows and Linux whatsoever, and I still stick by my guns that Apple laptops are too expensive and Apple is too controlling) but for the mobile world, I am now an iPhone user, and I will continue to be until someday Android can actually keep their worthless promises.

So yeah, this is me eating crow right now, but that's fine.. at least I have a phone that finally WORKS.

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I'd say the only other competitor that's been smacking Apple around would be the Samsung GS series since the GS series and the iPhone are at each other's neck when grabbing the market.
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