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Palm to iPod Touch to iPhone 4S Straight Talk User


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May 29, 2012
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I loved using my Palm products for years. However, Palm's future looked iffy. After reading an article on moving from Palm to an iPod Touch, I made the move. I bought some very good apps and kept using my Straight Talk phone. So I carried both of these all the time. Finally I saw that I could use Straight Talk with an Android using my Samsung e71 sim card. It worked for $45 per month! Shortly after that I found out that I could order a sim card for $15 to fit an iPhone 4s. I bought the 4s and gave my Android to my daughter-in-law. This is much better than the Android, since some of my favorite apps either didn't work as well or were not available on Android. I've finally updated to 5.1.1 and have my MMS working using the tmobile sim card technique. So, mark me down as a happy camper who can now carry one electronic gadget - the iPhone 4s. I use Pocket Informant and Notespark in place of Palm's calendar (with datebook) and memos. I readily admit, the iPhone is a lot more fun than my Palm.