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question for iphone owners


Nov 13, 2013
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Curious, what do you like about you're iPhone over an android phone?
Currently I have an android and a blackberry, but now that the newer iPhone will have a larger screen, I might try one next upgrade.

I noticed a lot of you jailbreak so you can have custom icons and widgets which makes it very similar to an android. Both systems seem to have tons of apps, many are the same just tuned for its os, so what makes YOU choose an iPhone over a droid os?
You can pretty much do everything without having to flash a custom ROM or using a Launcher to essentially create a "second" or "virtual" homescreen for that launcher that's not the stock homescreen (particularly on devices that utilizes their unique homescreens like the HTC M8 and the Sense Blinkfeed). And for devices like the HTC, it's a bit of a pain to S-OFF the device. Xposed is semi-comparable to Cydia in terms of tweaking things, but not as convenient(?) as Cydia. Everything is more localized when it comes to hacking on iOS, whereas everything is fairly scattered on Android. Even on XDA, it's a bit scattered. Cydia and the Jailbreak Reddit community are the 2 places that you essentially need for everything jailbreaking. This is more of a general comparison. The nitty-gritty is pretty lengthy.

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For me, the main reason for sticking with the iPhone is the fact that it is part of a whole system. It ties in with my iPad and Apple laptop seamlessly. I can work on a document in Pages on the laptop with the convenience of a full keyboard and screen, and edit it at any time on the iPhone.

Apps like "Remote" enable me to control my AppleTV and home theatre from the phone.

My wife has a Samsung of some description, and while it is a great phone, it would not serve my purposes half so well, although I could probably live with it if I had to.
Thanks for the reply. I have an htc one, with nova launcher. It seemed very easy to customize once I loaded nova.
Once an iPhone and an android are setup how you like, what advantages do you have with an iPhone over an android?
The two things that have deterred me in the past are (I'm on verizon) 1) no simultaneous data and talk and 2) the apple voicemail doesn't offer 'reply to a voicemail with a voicemail'. But wondering what I phones do have that android doesnt?
(I'm really wanting to want one if that makes sense :))
Purely subjective, of course, but here goes:

I can carry 3 phones in one pocket; iPhone 5s, iPhone 4 and Samsung flip phone.
Old iPhones make great iPods (hence the iPhone4)

Apart from those points, I imagine that any device, once set up, will be as useful as any other.
I too like the way that if you a Mac and an iPad as i have having an iPhone makes sense as they all work together, Android doesn't do it for me and i will stick with iPhone.
For me its the app selection is better under ios like travel apps to china i could not find equivalents in google play store. Also i use the free gift card apps and android users ***** when a new app update comes out the app is hosed on their phone

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Interesting, thanks for the replies so far. :)
I like the part that apple is responsible for both hardware and software, so they have to fix whatever goes wrong. With android or other it's always a fight between what's wrong hardware vs software. My $0.02 worth

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So mostly it's other reasons over actual functional differences?
Well I have had Android and iPhone and iPhone is a much more stable OS, That's one of the main things I like.
I had an android device for about 6 months and I hated it. That was after having an iPhone that that my former job provided me for about a year. The one advantage I think my android phone had though was the fact that I could add a SD cars to it to increase the memory. Other than that I hated the thing and was so glad when I was able to get back to iOS.

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I have both operating systems (iOS 5s and Android Note3) and to be honest the iPhone 5s just works. My 5s is faster, smoother and more reliable. Don't get me wrong I like my Note3, but my "go to" device is my iPhone 5s. For overall everyday REAL world experience my 5s gets the vote for #1
Sounds like it's more of a 'feel' thing? The iPhone feels smoother? More connected and reliable. My android feels kinda disjointed, kinda like all the features are separate, is that kinda what you guys are saying?