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Sep 22, 2010
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Hi Folks,

I'm new here, 1st post.

I got a new IPhone 4 10 days back. Last Friday I dropped it and broke the screen. I took it to a local phone repair man, who I have happily used in the past with different models.

This time though I handed him the phone and cash, left, then returned an hour later to be told he had broken another part of the phone when fitting the new screen and although the screen was fine the touch screen wasn't working. He said it was no problem, he would order in a new part and I could pick the phone up Tuesday. Now Wednesday he called to say it was ready.

The phone was collect by my wife and returned to me at home. It now has the following problems, which it didn’t have even with the cracked glass:

1. The small mesh part that covers the ear piece speaker is missing.

2. The external speakers on the bottom don't work, so phone is useless unless using headphones which I don’t do a lot.

3. The WIFI works but just, you have to be next to the HUB to get 1 bar. The wife has an IPhone 4 and hers, as was mine before this carry on get a much better reception.

Question, what should I do? I now have a faulty phone, less than a fortnight old that’s on a 2 year contract!

Will Apple entertain this phone since the screen has been replaced, same question about Phone4U who I purchased it from? Or should I try another independent repairer to see if better success? Obviously I will be going back to the guy who replaced the screen to see what he has to say for himself but I don't have much expectations there.

Unfortunately, anyone besides apple working on your phone voids the warranty. You can be sure it would take one glance from an apple tech to tell it had been tampered with. In my opinion your best bet is to get what you can back from this shade tree phone repairman and have apple do your repairs from here on out.... But sounds like your just going to havetoo buy another complete phone.. That one will never properly work again if it was disassembled carelessly...
Yeah it sounds like the tech broke a few extra items. It might have been his first or second time repairing one. But thats always the risk of doing something like that. Like dannyboy said, from what it sounds like, it probably wont ever work the same again. Those parts are hard to replace.
That might be an easy fix. Sounds like the wifi antenna is unplugged and the tech damaged the speaker box somehow. Buy a new speaker box assembly, pop it in and plug in the antenna.
And by "easy fix" I mean it's pretty straight forward but you do need to take the phone all apart...
Sorry, dons.... You have a major problem. The best you can do is just plead your case to the Apple or AT&T store and see what they can do. Not much, I anticipate. You might just have to get another phone, and this time, put a protective case on it!! Or......... did you have a case on your phone when you dropped it??
Let me know if you need a link to the part that you need to replace. It's easiest to replace the whole dock/speaker/mic/WiFi antenna/home button ribbon cable assembly. It's about $30 shipped.