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iPhone 4 suddenly has no service(among other things)


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Dec 15, 2011
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Good evening. My name is Travis. Long story short. Bought a used iPhone 4. Had it about 3 weeks, ran over it with my ambulance. Local repairman did great job. It worked flawlessly after he replaced the screen for about 24 hours. I plugged it in last night. Had 29% battery. 30 minutes later, it has no service. At the top left it says "Searching...". Speaker doesnt work, only powers on when plugged in. Powers off when unplugged. Powers on and off at will. I really liked the phone. I'm new to the apple world but really dont want to return to a droid. Please help me not be discouraged. Anyone heard of these problems and could have something to with the replacement of the screen earlier this week? Thanks in advance.


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Oct 25, 2011
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Missouri, USA
Well Chief... it's really hard to give a definitive answer here. If you're phone was working just fine before you crushed it w/ a Whaaambulance... then chances are it's related to that. Taking the iPhone 4 appart and replacing the screen is pretty involved, ie.. taking the entire inside of the phone apart to replace. So, perhaps a connection has come loose since the repair shop did so to replace the screen. I'd check w/ them and see if they can open it up and check it out.