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Problem with 4.1 Update and Solution


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Oct 10, 2010
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I updated last night from JB 4.0 to 4.1 which I later JB using Greenpois0n. I had a little issue with the update so this is to help anyone who might encounter the same thing.

After iTunes was about finished with update it got to the part of verifying and I got an error 1004 that there was a problem and the device couldn't be updated. I was then left stuck where iTunes would only tell me my device needed to be restored and the only option was update and restore, which just kept failing, back to error 1004.

The solution I found was that the firmware was already on the iPhone and I only needed to kick the phone out of recovery mode. I found a little program called RecBoot and this did the trick. If anyone gets into this situation download this program (this is the windows version) and it will get you out of recovery mode and back to a full working iPhone with 4.1 installed.

RecBoot v1.2.zip