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Multiple problems with iPhone 4. PLEASE HELP!


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Mar 11, 2011
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I have an iPhone 4. When I start it up it just goes to recovery mode. All I can see is the iTunes screen. There isn't even an option to slide to open for emergency calls. I plug it in and it says iPhone is in recovery mode, please restore. When I try to restore it to 4.2.1 it gives me error 9. When I try to restore it to 4.1 it gives me error 3194. I have tried to troubleshoot error 3194 by editing hosts file etc.. Still giving me an error. I tried to get it out of recovery mode by using greenpois0n and when it goes through the process, I get an error that says "Panic: We are hanging here..." I've tried everything from recboot to tiny umbrella but it's still stuck in recovery mode. Does anyone know what else I can do to get this phone working?

Thank you in advance.