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  • i know appsync is piracy but i told you in the thread that i removed it and cant install my free and legally bought through itunes
    ok,don't help.don't wanna argue
    Seriously? Installous = piracy. Appsync = piracy. These have noting to do with legitimate apps which you have purchased with your own account through iTunes, and both of these are BANNED subjects on our forums. You will not get any help regarding them here, and any further posts which do not adhere to our rules will result in an infraction. This conversation is over.
    i didn't need help on no piracy
    i just want to be able to sync my legally bought apps on my phone
    i don't have any cracked app on my iphone
    only paid
    i can't install those on my phone
    what's so pirate about that????
    Under no circumstances will you get any help with piracy on this site. Read our rules!
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