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Jailbreakme.com for 4.1


Sep 2, 2010
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Anyone heard if Jailbreakme.com is going to come out with a JB for 4.1? That was an extremely easy procedure. I have now updated to 4.1 so, of course, lost my jailbreak. I keep reading about problems encountered with using limera1n. What is the easiest software and procedure to JB a iPhone4. Don't care about unlocking in the near future but want to regain Mywifi and My3G.

There will not be another like jailbreakme.com. I'm running 4.1 on iPhone 4 jailbroke with beta version of limera1n and have had no issues. Did the same to my wife's phone.
i used limera1n more than once on my iphone4 because i did it super early and then he later on fixed the delete for limera1n icon, so far so good, no problems so far smooth sailing
limera1n and greenpoison are just as easy to use... even pwnage tool is..
i never once in my years of having an iphone had ANY problems with jailbreaking from ziphones 1.1.4 jailbreak that lots of ppl complained about to winpwn and the rest of the jailbreaks and more recently the greenpois0n jailbreak that again i havent had a single problem with... using these tools is no different to using jailbreakme.com