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Problem logging in to Face book


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Jun 16, 2015
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I have previously been able to use Facebook, but now when I click the Facebook icon, it asks me to login to the previous owners iTunes Store account.

I have been in to Settings > iTunes & App Store - The Apple ID there is correct (mine)

How can I get past this?
When you received the iPhone, was it erased? Did you have to set it up as new/restore from one of your backups? Was the former owner's information removed completely?

It seems as if the previous owner gave you the iPhone without erasing everything properly, or else the request for the ID wouldn't appear.

Make sure your device isn't connected to a different iCloud ID than yours. Check this in Settings - iCloud.
If there's the former owner's ID, you'll need to contact him to get this removed. Here's what has to be done:
iCloud Remove your device from Find My iPhone

This has to be done by the previous owner, there's nothing you can do in this case.

If it's not connected to the former owner's ID, remove the Facebook app from your device. Restart your iPhone. Go to Settings - Facebook, and enter your information there. Install the app again, try logging in.