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Pictures disappeared, but the camera roll is still using space


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Oct 14, 2014
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All my pictures in my album have mysteriously disappeared, but the camera roll is still using 1,9GB of phone memory (iCloud).
I have not done any update or similar. I have also tested syncing with iTunes without results. The problem seems to be that iCloud does not automatically fill my album with the pictures like it supposed to do just as if contacts are deleted iCloud can take them back..

Someone who has been through similar problems? I've tried googling but can not get through to something like this.

iPhone 4, iOS 7.0.4
I've deleted the other post you made on this topic as duplicate posting can fragment any resulting conversation making it hard to follow as well as being against our rules.

We have a worldwide membership, I'm sure someone will be along before too long who can help you with this problem.