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Phone frozen, please help


Jul 11, 2010
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I tried to download a video wallpaper and now the phone is frozen and goes to blank screen. I rebooted so many times, the springboard comes back on but frozen and goes blank again. What should I do? Thanks
I decided to update and restore. It extracted the software but it won't fully restore, only at 90% and get stuck. The screen has the USB and iTunes showing and when I plug it again it says it's in recovery mode.
Will the genius bar be able to tell if it was jailbroken at this point? It did extracted the software.
Wait... You "updated"? What did you update to? Hopefully not 4.0.2
I had to because I had to restore with no success. I tried the DFU mode and still nothing. Restore up to 90% then it's stuck. I made an appointment at the genius bar tomorrow. Will they be able to tell if it was jailbroken?
I am in the same boat,my phone locked onto the Apple logo and no matter what I did it was stuck.After some research I put it on Itunes and pushed a series of buttons and it ended up upgrading the firmware and restoring.I was happy to have my phone back,but now I have to wait for hopefully another jailbreak.
I'll see what the genius has to say. This could be my last iPhone if I don't fix it.
Theres only one way they can tell by this point. (the point at which ur phone is not turning on) The thing about the spirit jailbreak is that it left a glitch of lines at the top of the black boot screen. If that is still there then they can tell but other than that they wont be able to tell. They probably will just restore your phone and be done with it. Idk if you wanted to jailbreak again but that option is now gone due to 4.0.2
I tried again this morning and luckily it restored it. Kinda bummed out I lost my jailbreak. I really miss 3G unreatrictor and Mywi and other stuff. I was just loading a lot of stuff and didn't know when to quit. Lesson learn. Now I have to wait for the next jailbreak. On the positive note, I have some free time for myself:)
Hi go to youtube and type how to unbrick iphone 4 and there is a video on there follow the directions which will help you put your ipone back
Hope this helps
Regards Mike
My Ip4 also froze up too. Right after I paid $2.99 for Lockdown Pro and installed it, my phone processor would not respond. The browser would not do anything.

This is the second jailbroken iph4 that froze up via cydia. I guess im not having much luck with jailbreaking. I had to restore and go with 4.0.2. since i could not save shsh via tiny umbrella. Apple stopped signing 4.0.1.

Hopefully someone is secretly hacking 4.0.2 and comes out with it on jailbreakme or something.