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OtterBox Customer is Poor!


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Nov 27, 2010
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Missouri USA
Customer Service is Poor - Sorry for the typo

I purchased a Otterbox case with my new IPhone4. Ten days later the AT&T store for some reason had to remove the phone from the case and now it feels like the case fits loosely. I've tried to call and/or email OtterBox but their phone system is the worse and they never return email contacts. I guess growning pains have caught up with them.

I'm not a happy customer and doubt I would buy another $50.00 case from them.
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That sucks, you must have a bad case. I remove mine atleast once a week to clean the inside of the case and phone, and it still fits the same as always.
They have something great! I just wish they had the same level of customer service.
If you bought the phone and case at the AT&T Store and later, they took it off and then gave it back loose, sounds like the AT&T Store broke it, and they should replace it. They broke it, they fix it. That's not Otter Boxes fault, it's the AT&T Store fault. Why should Otter Box be responsible for the store's breaking it?
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They didn't break it! I was standing their watching as they did it. For some reason the fit on this Otterbox is very bad.
My mistake then. I assure you I witnessed them open the case and put it back together. No force was needed or used to open or close it. The problem seems too be the fit/finish of the Otter Case. If they broke it . they would of replaced it.
Maybe they didn't get it together properly. Check out the videos on youtube and Otter Box, and redo it yourself. I take mine apart weekly and clean it, and it as tight as the first day I bought it. If it's still loose, I'm sure Otter Box will replace it. Just keep in mind that this is the busiest time of the year for most all companies, and response may be slower than normal.