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DIY: Otterbox iPhone 4 Window Mount


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Nov 9, 2010
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== Pictures will be coming once I get my 3 first posts ==

Hi, I recently got my iPhone 4 and an otterbox case, awesome phone and case, but I couldn't find a window mount to suit the size of the otterbox...

So, I made my own. :) Thought I'd share with anyone who is interested...

I started with a Nokia N97 mini window mount: (comes free in the box with every N97 mini)


I took the N97 cradle off, which was only held on by 1 screw. Then I got my otterbox belt holster. I unclipped the belt clip from the holster and then I found that the little clip that held the N97 cradle onto the suction mount fit perfectly into the hole left by the belt clip :)


So once the retaining screw was put back in, I was left with this:




The suction cup on these N97 holders is awesome! Holds on very well and doesn't move at all while driving.

Hope this helps someone. :)

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post number 3 :) haha, I don't have anything else to say, but I need 3 posts before I could post up my pics. :)
I am looking for a good one and this one seems the best. I bought an extra holster and the nokia mini Piece. Can't wait for it to come in!