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Order Processing or Shipped?


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Jun 15, 2010
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Well, mine still shows the status as Not Yet Shipped, but thought I'd start the thread anyhow. Post here when you see a change in Order Status from Apple or any other interesting shipping related info. Remember, delivery time very well may say 22nd or 23rd at the first, but Apple is real good about having UPS or FedEx hold onto those until the designated release date, so don't get your hopes up.
I still have yet to even receive a confirmation email and nothing shows up in my order status. :(
I have a email from at&t confirming my order but about shipping. Order Status site tells me its still processing.
i got an email 48 hours latter that my order is processed and ints showing in process and ordered 6.15.10
I Pre-Ordered 2...my 32gb after about 30 trys on the apple site (about 7:00am) The 16 took alot more work completed about (2:00pm) The confirmation emails came late about 9:30pm. Both still show the "Not Yet Shipped" Will post when it changes.

I have a email from at&t confirming my order but about shipping. Order Status site tells me its still processing.

Same here....ordered AT&T very early on 15th; received email confirmation today (17th) and status says "in progress". First time ordering from AT&T....hope I don't hate myself for doing so.....
I used the Att system for my 3G. I dont think its quite as good as apple's but back in the day we checked order status by say your order number was 5555 you would put in 5554 and check it....then 5553 ect untill you found one that shipped.....lol dont know it that still works but....all that aside i did get my 3G without any shipping issues..
Both my husband and I ordered the morning of the 15th at the AT&T store. We got both email confirmations later that same afternoon. Currently both state the orders are "In Progress". I will keep you informed when there are any changes.
I pre ord at the AT&T store with no problems. This was done around 3 pm.
I pre ord one for my self and my son.
So far I have not recieved any kind of MSG, no conformation of pre ord ( I do have both reciets)
No, conformation on shipping date.
I will be calling my AT&T rep today to find out why.

I don't mind waiting. I JUST DONT LIKE " NOT KNOWING"

Ok guys!!!!!!!!! My 32gb has been prepared for shipment!! I can feel it... It's gonna ship out Monday fingers crossed!!
My wife's, which was ordered around 8 PST says prepared for shipment. Mine, which was ordered around 12 PST the same day still just showing Not Yet Shipped. Both with dates of arrival of the 24th!