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Oct 19, 2010
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iPhone 4 (first ever iPhone). JB'd with greenpois0n on 4.1 (first ever JB). SOOO I'm pretty new to the whole thing.

I think I've gotten the hang of it; I did a lot of consulting with Mr. Google & am currently working on themes. Going for a kind of black minimalist thing. ATM I have Suave HD on and am perusing through threads to find:

1) The method for changing icons (I know I saw it earlier, but I was on my phone in class & didn't think to save it). I know this involves OpenSSH (is that the name?) & a corresponding program on my computer.

2) SMS customization? Background, bubble colors, tones, etc. Usually I can find things like this by tinkering or asking the all knowing Googleman, but I haven't come up with much.

3) A directory/list of all HD icons (or instructions on how to make one so that it isn't all pixel-y on my phone). If anyone knows a site for mainly black icons... (;

Anyway, hai guys.
hello! yes the method to change icons is in open SSH and winSCP to connect, you connect to the themes folder. i would recommend opening the folder and having a look at the .png file names, you can either pick and mix some of your fav .png files from other themes and put it in your own theme, or you can use an app to make them, a popular one ppl use is photoshop, i made my own mirc icon for the iphone once by taking a screen pic of the icon and using paint to make it really small and it was showing up on the iphone perfectly. you can use simpler apps like photoimpact but thats how its generally done.

the answer to number two i would just download a theme from winterboard, but i am sure if you use the same method you can open the theme and see how it works then do the same...

Q3,, not sure sorry

i hope that helps but youtube has a tone of tutorials that will explain it better, but basically you put in a tone of .png into a folder with the right filenames and it changes the icons when you select that theme in winterboard you just name the file exactly how it shows on your springboard for that icon, for example game center i would name it that game center.png and it will change the icon to the png i have placed in the folder