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Iphone 4 maximum capacity


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Jul 5, 2010
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I shot a video that was around 12 minutes long and used the 720tube app to compress it and add it to youtube in HD, it did but one its third attempt. At first I thought it was simply the app, because once it compressed fully the screen went black and it went to the home screen. However, I noticed the phone, itself, got warm to the touch in the compressing and uploading portion. Which got me thinking it was more than the app. What do you guys think, did it just take it a few options before it uploaded an HD 311 MB video to youtube? Was my phone overworked? Is something wrong with my phone because it had these issues? Should I be worried? I bought this thing because I thought a 12 minute video would be a piece of cake, but what scares me is it got warm. Was the change in temperature just because I had it working more than it ever has before? What?
Ok the iPhone getting warm part isn't a big deal. I've had mine get hot because of running apps while it is charging in the car, the iPhone has is pretty tolerable with temp. It will let you know if it's to hot from what I understand. Now the app going black just sounds like it crashed. Have you tried turning it on/off? That usually solves any probs with mine.
Your iPhone is a computer with a processor and memory. Unlike a regular desktop computer it doesn't have a fan to cool things. It's bound to get warm.