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Quick guide for uploading videos to YouTube.


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Jun 17, 2010
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The Apple iPhone 4 offers high definition video recording at 1280 x 720 pixels of resolution.

Highest Quality Video. A 1280 x 720 resolution video of 9 minutes in length will be about 700MB in it’s native file size when stored in the phone or transferred to a computer. When played directly on a computer, this video looks great. Were this video to be burned to a DVD, it would still look quite good.

Recording Tips. For best video quality, there should be an abundance of diffused light during recording and limited background noise. The video camera and subject should be moving as little as necessary. The touch screen can help with focus and light metering on the subject.

YouTube Upload From iPhone. When uploading to YouTube directly from the iPhone, the HD quality will be lost. This is because a reduced quality video is produced before uploading to save on Internet network bandwidth usage. The 700MB video mentioned above will be reduced to about 37MB, and the loss of about 660MB (about 95% of your original image information) is obviously noticeable. The reduction in file size is achieved by reducing the video size from 1280 x 720 to 480 x 270. In addition to the reduced number of pixels, video compression (like image compression) is used. Normally when reducing a photo or video, you can choose to reduce the dimensions but retain the image quality for a smaller picture that is very crisp and clear. Unfortunately, the video compression used in the upload process with YouTube is not very good. So, the resulting video image is small and fuzzy.

YouTube Upload from Computer. For better quality video, it’s recommended that you transfer the video from your iPhone to your computer and then upload it to YouTube using the video uploader application on your computer or directly from your YouTube account page. This will result in the following compressed videos being available for viewing on YouTube: 1280 pixels wide by 720 pixels high (130MB file), 853 x 480 (81MB file), 640 x 360 (54MB file), and 427 x 240 (28MB file). Regardless of what video you choose to view, the quality is obviously not as good as the original 700MB file since much of the video information has been removed to save file size and bandwidth. However, the HD setting on YouTube should offer the best quality.

Understanding Video Compression. There are two ways to reduce the file size of a photo or video. One method is to retain the clarity and sharpness, but simply reduce the dimensions. The other way to reduce photo or video file size is to reduce the clarity. When saving JPG images, it’s common to see a slider control that allows you to determine the clarity of the resulting image. The same is true for video, unless it is an automated system (as with YouTube uploads).
Should also add that pixelpip available in app store for free can upload
to YouTube , vimeo etc in HD straight from the iPhone itself.