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Verizon iPhone 4S download/upload speed


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Sep 19, 2012
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Southeast Texas
I have an iPhone 4s, on the Verizon network, and I'm experiencing problems with streaming videos (videos may play for 5 seconds and then a full minute of buffering to watch 30 seconds of video and then repeat the process). I decided to download the speedtest app to see what my download/upload speeds were. I consistently get around .04 to .07 Mbps download and .02 to .04 upload speeds.

I searched the forum for advice on this and found quite a few people saying it is due to the 3G network being overloaded.

I never seemed to have these problems with my previous droids so I activated one to see what the speedtest results were and got a consistent .9 to 1.2 Mbps download and .5 to .7 upload speed.

Does anyone know why this is? Do you think the phone may have an internal antenna problem? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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