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O2 sets iPhone 4 Restrictions


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May 27, 2010
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Macworld reports today that O2 has announced that because of iPhone 4 shortages, only existing customers will be able to get their hands on the coveted device on launch day, June 24th. The company has posted an FAQ on its website that explains that because supplies of the new iPhone are so limited, it's had to restrict its allocation to current O2 customers only. Luckily for some, this also includes existing mobile broadband, home broadband and home phone customers as well as mobile customers. You must have been an O2 customer since at least May 24th 2010 in order to qualify as a "existing" customer. O2 says that the restrictions are to ensure that it puts its loyal customers first, which is a pretty admirable thing when you think of it. It's also a very clear indication of just how bad the shortages are in the UK.

O2 finishes its FAQ with an ominous statement to the effect that the iPhone 4 won't be available on o2.co.uk's online store until at least the end of July.

By Maura Sutton
Source: O2 Restricting iPhone 4 to Existing Customers Only | Talk iPhone - iPhone News Blog and Forums
limited supply they have to restrict their customers unless you buy it unlocked then go upgrade your sim i bet that would be ok
Can't see any problems if you get a sim free from Apple, they are hardly going to turn down a new customer. Just trying to preserve the stock Apple have sent them now that basically all the networks will be stocking it.