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O2 Announces iPhone 4 Prices


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May 27, 2010
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02 has just announced how much it will be charging for an iPhone 4. If you’re a new or upgrading O2 customer, you can get an iPhone 4 on one of O2’s 18 or 24 month tariffs. For example, if you want to sign up for a £25-per-month, 24-month contract with 100 UK minutes, unlimited UK texts and 500MB of UK data, you’ll have to pay £279 for an iPhone 4 16GB and £323 for an iPhone 4 32GB.

At the top end of the scale, if you want to sign up for a £60-per-month, 24-month contract with unlimited UK minutes, unlimited UK texts, and 1GB of UK data, you’ll get the iPhone 4 16GB for free and the iPhone 4 32GB for £29. If you’re an existing O2 Business customer, you can get the iPhone 4 on any of O2’s 24-month tariffs.

Unfortunately, the iPhone 4 will not be available at launch on O2’s contract-free Pay & Go tariffs, with O2 saying that it will let customers know when they will be able to start using that particular service.

By Maura Sutton
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finally they announce prices! why do they wait until the last second? ty for the info
finally they announce prices! why do they wait until the last second? ty for the info

Sorry paliometoxo, didn't realise you hadn't seen them or I would have posted them at lunch time. They are not that bad if you can live with the data limits and it is a lot of extra outlay for a factory unlocked one from Apple. I have a year to wait so will see what is happening then.

:) no worries i have already ordered 2 factory unlocked im just interested to see the prices i might go contract from my pay as you go.

yeah its ok but not far off from factory unlocked the price though plus the monthly fee and how much you will end up giving over the months of contract.
Well this is a big announcement now from O2, they are now not going to allow anyone not already an O2 customer to buy one before the end of July. Looks like they didn't get as much stock as they might have hoped or just like the rest overwhelmed.

If I was getting it would be very pleased, mind you as old users have to pay the same as new this does seem to be one perk for the existing customers.

Hope the twitter link works as never tried to use one before.

O2 | iPhone 4 | Where to buy, how to buy & who can buy
yeah i dont think they expected to sell as much as they probably will., does that count for pay as you go customers? though saying that i dont need the phone just the micro sim so i might be ok to get it before end of july, so for you your on o2 contrat does that mean u wont get one until after july? or your getting it factory unlocked from apple?
Palio (is your username one name or 2, happy to call you the lot if it is one name) I am not getting this upgrade. Got 12 months on my 3GS to go and hopefully will have the willpower to hold off getting the new one. O2 are not doing PAYG on release and have given no date when they will.

Only way to keep a contract you're already on is through Apple as sim only. Would cost me £240 plus price of handset to keep my unlimited contract, so think I can resist and have fun next year when the next model comes out and I can get that!!

its one, but i dont mind palio :)

so the only way for you is if you where to buy it sim free then just use your o2 card? well even if you wait for the next model it does not matter the iphone will only get better, i will wait for the one after the next to upgrade, some people out there getting every upgrade, wish i had the cash to do that lol
Me to, but as I have the new OS to look forward to on Monday it will breath a bit of new life into my phone. And to be honest I never use the camera and certainly don't want to video call people, so the only advantage I can personally see is processing speed and battery life! So far without seeing the new one in the flesh I prefer the looks of my GS!
i never video chat either , but its nice that you can use the back camera and over wifi to chat. i never buy digi cams and use phone as camera, and the new os will be sweet upgrade for 3gs and 4 users and the few features the 3g does not get can, it be added with jailbreak. I did not like the look of the iphone 4 when i saw it form gizmodo but i really like it now its the first iphone i pre ordered and counting down the days until i get it lol.. i bet after this apple will change the design a lot they see how well changing it made sales shoot up