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Iphone 4 locked to o2.


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Jun 27, 2013
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Can someone help here because neither O2 or Apple are even remotely interested.

I am UK based and resident normally

I purchased an iphone 4 outright from a friend. I no longer have contact with this friend.

I have gone travelling for three months and I am in Australia where i wil be for another month. Not knowing any better i purchased a local SIM for my phone, and it wont work. As ive since discovered im locked to O2. O2 say they can remove the block if I install an O2 card, but I dont have one and they wont send one to Australia. Apple are even less help, they just dont want to know, the Apple Store in Sydney is one of the most anal unfriendly places I have ever had the misfurtune to enter. I have approached small shops here and they tell me they can only unlock local supplier phones, and that my software version is too high anyway ver 6.13.

What a predicament. So besides giving up on my iphone and going to an android, is there any remedy for this?