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New to the forum and need advice


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Jul 28, 2010
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Denver, CO
I am looking to switch from T-mobile to AT&T for the Iphone 4 (also will recieve a 20% discount through my employer with AT&T). I have been fanatical about reading every peice of news I can get on the Iphone 4. I live about 15 miles outside of Denver and have had a BB on AT&T and really did not have any issues with AT&T. Are the receptions issues that bad with the antennae or is it really just hyped up through the blogshere. I know 4 people that own and Iphone 3g and 3GS and love it. Please give me input on to buy or not to buy the Iphone 4. Please keep the advice to real life experiences. I have an Ipod Touch so I am very familiar with the os. Thanks in advace for everyone's advice.
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Welcome and enjoy the forum!!! To answer you question... The antenna problem is real and is present with every phone. The part of the story you don't hear much is when you are in a good signal area your not affected. Also, any case wrap....ect. Completely solves the issue! The wraps sold by grfxp.com are really good.. I also have the glow in the dark ones from mobileriotgear.com on order and will post up a video as soon as they arrive.