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New to Iphone and i need of urgent help please!!


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Jan 9, 2016
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Hi there,

I will try to keep this as short as i can.I have never owned an iphone although i have an ipad and have used Apple products before.
My own phone gave up the ghost recently ( windows Nokia phone ) so my dad offered me his old handset,an iphone 4s ( he now has the latest 6 )
As it stands all he has done is removed his old sim card so when i start up the phone everything is still as he had it with apps etc as well as over 400 photo's and loads of his music.
What i would like to do is somehow save or hold onto the music and the photo's,especially the photo's as there are great pics of family members who have now passed as well as photo's of our daughter when she was born etc.
I have itunes on my home laptop ( which is slower than paint drying ) and i have synced the phone to the itunes and tried to go into the phone and recover the photos but it shows in itunes as the phone not having any photos on it.
When i click on the photo's app on the homescreen of the iphone it has two options at the bottom,photos and albums.
When i click albums i have 2 options,camera roll and photo stream.Camera roll has 2 photo's in it,photo stream has 510.
When i click on photo's it brings up all the old family pics from back to 2005.These are the ones i am desperate to hang onto however i do not know how to or indeed where they are or have come from.
My intention is to restore the handset to factory settings but i do not want to attempt anything until i know these photo's are safe somewhere.
Can someone please advise me on how i can access these photo's and get them off the phone and into a folder on my laptop
Thanks in advance
The photos in Photostream are synced by your father's iCloud account to all his iDevices. This means they are not really on the iPhone, and that's why iTunes doesn't find them. You would need your father's iCloud account to be able to access them.

Your father could share them with you, so you'd get them too, as soon as you set up your iPhone with your Apple ID. Here's how it works:
Apple (United Kingdom) – iCloud – All your content on all your devices.

The music on the iPhone is connected to his Apple ID, so as soon as you restore the iPhone to factory settings, the songs will be removed. The only way you'd get them again, would be via Family Sharing:
iCloud - Family Sharing - Apple (UK)

I understand that the iPhone is still set up with your father's iCloud ID. In that case, you'll also need his password when you try restoring it to factory settings, or he has to remove the device from his iCloud account. As soon as he does this, the iPhone will be erased, when it's connected to Wi-Fi.
Here's what has to be done:
iCloud: Remove your device from Find My iPhone

Hope that helps.
Thank you so much that does answer some of my questions,i kind of thought that would be the case with the photo stream however it is actually the pics that are in the photo's section that i really need to save.I can view them all,i can select them ( haven't figured out how to selct all at once yet ) and once i select a given photo i have an option to se it in a message,email,twitter,facebook or flickr then underneath it has copy,slideshow,airplay,assign to contact,use as wallpaper or print.
What i don't understand is how i can't see them when i connect the phone to my laptop through itunes?
Any ideas??
p.s thanks for the links
Thank you again for that,when i go into photo's they start off by year then when i click they zoom into by month,then week,then day as you said.I only wish i knew why i seem unable to access these photo's.
Does your computer find the images?

It should also be possible to import the images via Windows Explorer. In that case, iTunes shouldn't be running. If it opens when you connect your iPhone, close it.
A popup will ask what you wish to do with your iPhone. Select "View Content". If Windows can find the images, you should be able to get them to your computer.
I have tried everything i can think of and i am at a bit of a loss,
I have tried setting my dad's itunes up on my laptop and then backing up the phone to it and also syncing the phone and i still can't see these photo's anywhere apart from on the phone.
Because i can only select them one at a time i really do not think it's an option to send each one individually via email
Does anyone know what is going on here.I just don't understand how i can see the photo's on the phone yet they are no-where to be seen via itunes or via my computer then iphone
Do you still see the photos if you put your iPhone in airplane mode? Have you tried the Windows method mentioned by J. A.?
Here's how to select more than one photo at a time, and send them via Mail:

In Collections view, tap "Select":

Share will change to Select. Tap every one of them:

The images will be checkmarked. Now tap the Share button:

And then choose Mail:
Thank you for your replies,
I can still see the photos in airplane mode yes.
I have tried to see the photo's via control panel,iphone,dcim etc and all i can see is what is on the camera roll
I have now learned how to select more than one photo at a time so thanks for that lol
I created a new folder and transferred all of the photos from "photo's" into the new folder and still can't see them
After a lengthy live chat with apple and going round in circles for ages it seems that the photo's i need to save before i wipe this phone have been synced from a pc that is either no longer in use or not working anymore.Apple have advised me to look into a third party place such as dropbox to recover the photos from the phone as apparently you cant transfer synced photos back to an itunes again.
Soooo does anyone have any suggestions on the best place for me to try.I have over 4000 photos to recover.
The phone is tunning ios 7.1.2 so i need somewhere that supports this.
Apple didnt say that what i need to do is not possible,they just said it cant be done via apple so can someone who is much more clever than me please point me in the right direction
There are two apps you can use for this: Dropbox and Box. Both require iOS 7 and later, all the other apps I know that could do the same need iOS 8 and later.

Dropbox can upload the photos automatically from your Camera Roll, if you set this up in the app.
You can import photos to Box, in this case you'll have to do this manually.
Thanks again for your help,i am going to try and get this sorted today.
The problem i think i will have is that the photos in question are not in camera roll,they are simply in "photos" and i cant seem to move them from "photos" to camera roll.
I have managed to copy them over into a folder which i made so hopefully i can get them from there.
I will update on how i get on
As far as I remember, Dropbox can upload images from Camera Roll only. Maybe that changed in the meantime. You'll see.

Box, on the other hand, can load photos from every folder/album on your iPhone.

The Photos tab shows every image in the app, also those from Photostream. That's why you see them there.

Afaik it should be possible to get an image from Photostream to the Camera Roll too. Is there Select somewhere at the top or bottom of the screen?
Ok i eventually got there,
Managed to set up dropbox on the phone and then had to add each photo individually and upload them but they are safe in the dropbox now so thank goodness for that.