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New member ,microphone problem


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Nov 14, 2014
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Hello everyone ,great forum I'm new her but I think will enjoy :)
Any way I have major problem with my iphon 5
After changing battery my microphone stop working ,so I change charging station with new microphone ,still nothing .
I can use as a loud speaker them microphone is working ,just wondering is any one has same problem . Thanks for you help .
You're just going to have to go thru your settings one by one - it will help you learn them too. Also good to download manual from Apple for iOS 8, tho you should be upgraded to 8.1.1 now. I know I had a related issue recently - ended up that the backup battery provided by my ISP (when back from vacation, turning that old PC into a server and running router and airport time capsule with no overpriced service providers and their equipment that even I could hack if that was my thing) - ended up the sound on backup battery toggles on/off via a button - and was off - thought it was just there to let me know my gateway was not getting electricity (didn't know switch was off - must have happened when it got knocked over by accident). Anyway, flipped sound switch and no more mic or any sound issues - using old 4S, upgraded to 8.11.