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New iOS 11.1.1 Update Released to Fix Auto-Correct Bug


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Jun 18, 2010
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Over the past week or so many people have been complaining about a strange auto-correct bug that has affected some iOS 11 users that sees QuickType and autocorrect replacing the letter i with a symbol that combines Unicode symbol 0049 and symbol FE0F. This ends up looking like a capital A with various symbols next to it, writes AppleInsider. The issue has been around for a while, but has garnered more attention, particularly on social media, over the past week, generating plenty of memes.

It looks like all that fun is finally coming to an end, however, as BGR writes that Apple has just now released iOS 11.1.1, which introduces various fixes, and, in particular, a fix for the strange bug, with the release notes stating that it “fixes an issue with keyboard auto-correct.”

Another issue fixed by the update is one where Hey Siri doesn’t work, also according to the release notes.

Sources: Apple just released iOS 11.1.1 to fix the iPhone bug that’s driving people insane

Origin of Apple's 'A ?' QuickType bug a mystery, but notoriety grows with spread of memes, tweets

Image source: Masi Popal (@masipopal) • Instagram photos and videos
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This was such a wierd issue I'm surprised it wasn't caught during one of the betas.
Maybe because none or just a few of the beta users had it. I don’t use autocorrect, so there was no chance I’d have to deal with that issue.
The first I heard of this problem was this thread. I've been running all the iOS 11 beta releases and never experienced the problem at all.
Why did I awaken this morning to IOS 11.1.1 downloading to my phone? I never gave it the ok or access to do this. I’m currently running 11.0 and quite satisfied with it. Do we not have to grant permission for the upgrades?

You have to give permission for installing it. Once it’s downloaded (not installed), you can remove it from your iPhone. Go to Settings - General - iPhone Storage, look for something called iOS 11.1.1 and delete it.

Thanks. I did not grant permission for the download. I caught it early, and just turned the phone off while it was downloading it to prevent any further downloading. I just thought it odd that it was downloading without my permission???

That’s possible, and we’ve seen this happening from time to time. Your iPhone doesn’t necessarily need permission for downloading the software.
If you don’t want it to download the update, disconnect it from Wi-Fi when it’s charging.

It appears that it finished downloading, but has not been installed. Where in the phone can I find and delete it?

In Settings - General - iPhone Storage. iOS 11.1.1 should be the name of the file, somewhere between your apps.
Thanks. I think that worked. It just annoyed me that it was going to update the system on its own, without me granting permission.

Deleting the download will not stop it downloading again in the future when your iPhone is asleep, connected to WiFi and a charger.
Deleting the download will not stop it downloading again in the future when your iPhone is asleep, connected to WiFi and a charger.

Exactly, happens on my 5S every couple of nights if I forget to turn off my wifi before charging overnight.