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ios 11.1.1

  1. C

    How to do Jailbreak (untethered) iOS 11.2 ?

    Hello, who know how jailbreak the last versions of apple please ? Without spending time on the intermediates who pays, or services like apps downloading "for free" that don't function (said after several tries)... My first goal was to downgrade under iOS11... o_O PS : I research a real...
  2. Maura

    New iOS 11.1.1 Update Released to Fix Auto-Correct Bug

    Over the past week or so many people have been complaining about a strange auto-correct bug that has affected some iOS 11 users that sees QuickType and autocorrect replacing the letter i with a symbol that combines Unicode symbol 0049 and symbol FE0F. This ends up looking like a capital A with...