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need help getting phone unlocked for world use by Verizon


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Jun 5, 2012
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Hi, I am hoping to get some help with an iPhone 4s which is not associated with a plan at the moment. A friend is selling me this phone since she has already upgraded. I am purchasing it to give to my sister in Germany, but for that it needs to be unlocked for world wide use. Verizon told my friend since the phone is not associated with an account, they can not do that for her. Thought I come here and see if you will help me brainstorm a bit on how to get it accomplished. Thank you.
Verizon is CDMA not GSM, i think all the Europe is GSM. First make sure the phone is GSM then if it is unlocked it will work.
the 4s is both. But when used in the US it is locked to Verizon service but not for use internationally. Therefore the need to unlock for world use.