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T-Mobile Users! YOU MAY GET IPHONE 4!!


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Sep 26, 2010
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Okay, so my mom wanted to get the iPhone 4 and she decided to ask one of her brothers from Germany to get it for her since they sell it unlocked but i told her not to, and yes, we are T-Mobile Customers. My dad asked why and i explained about the frequencies of the cell phone towers and how the iPhone antenna wont work with it until something hit me....

A new Canadian cell phone wireless company has just opened up called Videotron and there 3G towers are the same as T-Mobiles

It also says that Videotron will get the iPhone into Canada in the "next few months." What im still confused is that are they getting the iPhone 3GS? or the iPhone 4? If Videotron does get the iPhone 4 and T-Mobile doesnt, it wont matter because you can buy it unlocked and use your T-Mobile SIM right away!

Tell me what u think!
The iPhone has always worked with T-Mobil it's Verizon that you can't get 3G on.