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moving my sim to another phone from iphone 4


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Nov 15, 2015
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When moving my sim from my I phone most of my contacts are missing only about 30 on rather than 150 also worried about my pictures ect. how do i put all my info from my iphone 4 on to my micro sim?
When i put my sim back in Iphone 4 all the contacts and info is still there.
If your SIM only has 30 contacts stored, the rest could be in iCloud, or another email account. Go to Settings - Mail, Contacts, Calendars - Contacts - Default Account, and see what's selected there.

When you set up the email account/s with the contacts on your new phone, they'll appear there as well.

It's possible to import photos to a computer, so you won't lose them. It works different on Windows 7/8/10, and on a Mac, so if you tell us what you use, we can provide more accurate instructions.

You can also use online storage (Dropbox, ...) and save your images there.

Hope that helps.