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Jailbreak Artifact Still There.


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Jun 25, 2010
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Hi All,

I did a restore from my jailbroken 3GS to my iPhone 4 and I still have a little piece of it leftover. I used the app MakeItMine to change the carrier and top banner name, and it still has my design name Eyexist on the carrier side instead of AT&T. Has this happened to anyone else with a previous jailbroken phone? I'm not complaining, but thought it was interesting.

I hope this doesn't void any warranties if I decide to take it in to be checked out.
probably not seeing as its not jailbroken. but if you need to take it to apple just to be safe do a restore and not buckup form restore..

omega do you speak greek?
in the past i got the same trouble … i have a 3G i JB and give it to my wife but she broke it i exchange it and do a restore (without JB) from the old and he keep the springboard i have in the past … so i put it DFU mode and made a new and clean install and now work like a charm …

This is one of the reasons why , i will never JB again a device more trouble than the advantage … better to buy an unlock factory and have some turn around about Itunes not activated in your country
@ paliometoxo, sorry I do not speak Greek.

Funny thing, I actually went to an Apple store today looking to see if any iPhone 4 cases were available. I also had a defective iPhone (volume button was stiff), so I had an Apple rep check it out and totally forgot about the jailbreak leftover, but they didn't even notice it and I got a whole new iPhone in return.
A ok sorry I only ask because of your nick ..

So they said nothing? That was lucky. I if it was noticeable like cydia or changed unlock screen or something like that they would of not swapped it, plus yours wAs not jb at the time
Same thing happened to mine!
I forgot to switch the carrier logo back to AT&T before I did my last backup of my 3GS, and now its on my 4. I dont mind, its an easy fix by restoring OR you can go back in with your jailbroken iPhone 3, change it back, back it up and then sync your iPhone 4.