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Jun 15, 2010
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Gold Coast Australia
First 007 I understand your concern however when Apple released the international version of the iPhone 4s they made it clear that Siri was beta. In Australia you cannot reference street names or locations that use mapping and every one is aware of that. Siri works fine with other tasks and the many users I have talked to love it. Apple will release international versions in 2012 when I donot know but I suspect before the ipad3 and or iPhone 5 is released. In regard to history of problems there is no operating system on the market that has been released that did not have problems or issues. The only main issue is the battery and again this problem is not wide spread because again here in Australia users on Telstra network appear to not have battery issues compared to those in USA on att&t

The battery issue is being address and an update should be released shortly which will not only hopefully fix the battery problem that some users are having but also provide enhancements. I have owned many brand of mobile phones since 1989 including 3 blackberries and 2 iPhones. In a car I use the Parrot integrated system as it just works as an excellent hands free system. I wouLd not use Siri in a car while driving because the integration of Siri and the Parrot system is not implemented yet. Once it is It will. Use the proper microphone and will work with out issues but again I will not even bother until Siri is upgraded. For safety reason while driving use a voice activated GPS and forget trying to use a mobile as a gps unless it is connected all the time to power. Changing your mobile to Android will create another can of worms because some manufactures have their own OS overlay which may prevent updates furthermore if you seriously believe that you will have no issues by changing think again. Finally regard cases when manufactures change models in most cases any phone cases you were using will not fit. If you change mobile every 2 years that is no big deal. I donot feel this is an issue as it is part of the cost of ownership of the device. iPhone hold their value so when you sell your phone include the case no charge. Hope this has helped.
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