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iPhone wont call/text a particular phone number! (PLEASE HELP -DESPERATE)


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Jan 10, 2015
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Recently my iPhone has stopped letting me call or text my Brother. I am able to send and receive imessages and even receive calls and texts from my brother but i cannot send them back or call. Both of us have contacted our carrier and checked whether there have been any blocks placed and that is not the case. There is no block on the iphones either. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?


Has your brother tried resetting all settings? Go to Settings>General>Reset>Reset All Settings. There is no data lost by doing this and all settings will be restored to factory default condition. You will have to re-enter the password for sites that normally remember you.

Let us know if this helps.

BTW, I've deleted the other two posts you made on this same topic. Duplicate posting, besides fragmenting any resulting conversation, is also against our rules.
It is also possible that your brother mistakenly blocked your number. He should check his settings at Settings>Phone>Calls>Blocked to see if he did that. This is separate from what your cellular provider does, it is part of the IOS software. Similar settings under Messages.
Hey guys, thanks all for your help!
@bear7962 - my brother checked what you said and there were no names in his blocked list. He even tried blocking me then unblocking me but no success.
@scifan57 - my brother reset all settings like you suggested but like before I am still unable to text or call him, only imessage. I myself reset my phone settings but also no success.

Any other suggestions?? My frustration is growing. Thank you all for trying to help though :)
Does your phone call or text numbers other than your brother's phone? Is your brother's phone the only one you can't text or call?
Have you tried calling directly from the keypad? From your original post it appears that it used to work, but now all of a sudden it does not?
I did a Google search and some reading about blocking calls/tests. Apparently imessage will tell you your message is delivered even though it is blocked. Are you sure he is getting your iMessages but no calls or texts? Or are you relying on the imessage "delivered " status?
Does your brother's phone call and text other numbers?

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@scifan57 - Yeah mate, my phone can call and text anyone but my brother which is what makes it such an unusual situation!

@xrayeyes - I tried from the keypad but that's also yet to work. I've deleted the contact and put it in again but that's also not working.

@bear7962 - With the imessages, my brother has his read receipts on so I can see that he has read it and we have conversations over imessage all the time. It is only an actual text message and phone call that doesn't work.

@Ledsteplin - My brother can call and text anyone including me, but i just cant reply (i can but it doesnt go through). His text messages and phone calls to other people work fine also.

Thank you all for your help! appreciate it even though we're yet to crack the problem :/
Your brother's phone has you blocked somewhere so it is his phone that has to remove the block.
Have your brother check his phone and his carrier to make sure that your number is not being blocked.
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Maybe your brother should remove you from his contacts list and then you email him your phone number and he can enter you into his contacts list via "create a new contact" by touching your phone number in the email. Just thinking that maybe an alternative way of adding you as a contact might shake things up. I do believe the issue is at his end, though, as others have said.

He also may have a duplicate entry for you in his contacts and that one might be blocked. For instance, maybe he has you with just your first name, "Gary" and also as "Gary Grayson" (using your user name). "Gary" would be at the top of the "G's" in the contacts list and "Gary Grayson" would be down in the "Gr's" maybe he just checked to see if one entry has you accidentally blocked, if that is the case.

Maybe he has you listed as "brother". Where emails won't give out a contact's name, I don't have full names for my contacts, in case I lose my phone or it gets stolen, so maybe he has you as "brother" as an entry and accidentally also entered you as your name and only checked one entry into his contacts for your info. Just thinking of options, even slightly possible ones, as often they are the culprit.