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iPhone, Siri and the future with Carriers


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Oct 26, 2011
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This isn't really much of a question but more of a discussion that I hope everyone puts their input on it.

Looking at the 4s, I must say that Apple once again revolutionized cell phones. This is what makes Apple the best. Don't get me wrong, I like the Windows Phone better than Apple for a while now. Its because Windows have caught up so quick to the performance. BUT, truly Applr changed my mind again.

Siri is now the future. Apps are still here but Siri will have control over them soon. Apple TVs are coming out and Siri will control it as well. Soon, Siri will wake you up, tell you the weather for the day and read the top story. Or you will be able to personalize it however you want. And of course Facebook and Twitter will be a huge hit with Siri.

I'm not sure if people actually realize Siri will eventually do everything for you. Literally! Imagine your at work and want your show to record. Instead of clicking an app(I.e. DirectTv) you will tell Siri to record your show at a particular time. It will all be linked together.

Seems solid and exciting. Yet something bothers me with all this. No, not the fact that America will become more obese. My problem is the carriers. Data is now at a limit. 2GB?!?! With Siri using data like crazy, there's no way 2GB will be enough. As Siri grows, more data will purge from your phone. I honestly think carriers should stick to Unlimited or set alot higher amount for around the same price.

Were only limited to what our carriers allow us to do or we will spending alot of $$$$ each month. What are your thoughts about this? I see very little articles about Data plans needing a change.

I hope carriers integrate Siri to answer FAQ questions for customers. I hate calling AT&T and pressing 5 buttons before having a chance to talk to someone. Hopefully Siri will answer how much data we used, talk minutes, add an extension on paying our bill, make a payment, etc....

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