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iphone problem after falling in water!


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Jul 18, 2011
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My iphone 4 was dropped in a swimming pool, we dried it out and it all works fine including camara! but one problem we have is that the battery is running out after like 5 hours use? is this because of the fall in the water or is this another problem as when we lock the iphone a few seconds after it will flash on again as if someones pressed the circle button and with a blue message box with a message that shows for less then a second and instantly dissapears so we are unable to read it! does anyone know what could be wrong so we can repair the phone, we dont want to buy a new battery if its not the battery thats the problem! any help is appreciated!!


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Feb 6, 2011
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Factory restore the iOS and use the phone like that for a while to see if the battery will keep on droping that way again, if yes then buy a new battery. You also might want to keep the phone in a bag of rice for 1 or 2 days even though it's fully working maybe there are water inside the phone connecting 2 circuits and thus discharging the battery life. Keeping the phone in a bag of rice for few days will make all the liquids in the phone dry up. Also avoid to keep the phone on until you can be sure that there must bot be anymore water within the phone. You can blast the mother board in case water happen to still be in side the device and arrive to navigate to the mother board area.

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