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iPhone 8 Concept Shows How Siri Might Work With Enhanced Augmented Reality Features


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Jun 18, 2010
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iPhone 8 concept shows Siri incorporated into augmented reality.JPG

9to5 Mac has posted some gorgeous illustrations today of an iPhone 8 concept from Gabor Balogh that shows how Siri might look with integrated augmented reality (AR) features incorporated directly in the home screen, just as Apple is thought to be working on.

The concept shows how when the phone is raised, the home screen background turns into a live view of the real world behind it, as Siri interacts not just with the phone but also with real-world objects that appear in the live view.

In the concept as described by Balogh, “Siri would now not only listen to you, but would see the world. It would recognize objects, know where you are, what your activity is and what you probably need in that moment.”

Balogh envisions that Siri would be fully integrated in the AR experience, acting on voice commands throughout. His concept also shows how the feature could be used to provide augmented reality walking directions directly on the live screen for example.

Source: Gorgeous iPhone 8 concept imagines Siri w/ augmented reality features [Gallery]

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