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Iphone 5 itunes error code 3 help please....


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Nov 6, 2012
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Hi people i really need some help, ive managed to purchase iphone 5 other week from facebook now the back camera wasnt working but the front camera all working fine. I notice it was on 6.1.4 and i try updating it via phone but came up with a message cant update... so i put it on dfu mode and restore via itunes, next thing i notice i got error code 3! stuck on itunes screen.

I did some google research and got to know error 3 was down to hardware fault and if the handset is still under warranty then apple would replace it, unfortunatly my handset warranty run out just 1 week ago, sods law :-[

i try changing back camera and try restoring it still the same, looks like it the guy knew very well (who sold the phone to me) that the phone is bricked (so i should call it)!

Can anyone help me any suggestions, or try repairing it??.... ive been reading on internet one way to repair it is to put the handest in freezer! thought it was some sort of joke so never did that, if anyone knows how to repair this please let me know and if there is anything written in black and white from apple about error code 3 please send me the url so i can print it out show it to the person who sold the handset to me, try getting a refund etc, i rather repair the handset without all the hassel to be honest.

Thank you people.