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iPhone 4 Drop Test


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Jun 15, 2010
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Bay Area, CA

Somebody thinks they're funny. An company that fixes iPhones decided to post a low quality video of them dropping the beautiful iPhone 4.

In the video it only takes a few drops to actually break the device. They drop the device from about 3 ft. each time. The first drop, the phone is fine, a few scuff marks. Second drop, the phone won't even turn on. This worries me a little.

To find out what happens in the end, check out the video posted below.

I've watched it on Gizmodo and was amazed at the number of trolls plaguing the article about iphone not working after two drops. They clearly love jumping to conclusions after watching one iphone being broken. Somehow when android devices break it's an understandable case and when iphone breaks all hell breaks lose and it's the worst thing that have happened to the humankind.
Maybe they should put it on the barby. With a steak to see if survives.......... This test was like putting an iPad into blender anything to get publicity
What phone works after taking hits like that? Idiots. And what a waste of a good phone
I'm going to wait for consumer reports to their testing.
Bottom line, it's an expensive device.. Take care of it :)