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iphone 4 cases


New Member
Hey everyone,
so im still waiting for my iphone 4 and i was looking around and cant decide what case to get. There are a lot of cases out there, but what are your favorite cases?
which cases do you guys recommend?


New Member
the vapor case is pretty slick, any personal experience on using this case and whether the metal component actually interferes with the signal?


New Member
The Vapor is a new product; scheduled to ship starting 7/12. It was love at first sight for many. Don't think there's any user experience yet. I'm waiting in line like the others.


New Member
I'm waiting like alot of us. I just talked to them today and they said they will be offering more colors later and will update website soon.


New Member
It looks awesome but a litle bit pricey ( starting at $79.99 ). I won't spend more than $20 on a protective case. i have had two silicone and plastic iPhone 4 cases shells with screen protector combo which is priced at $3.49. I am very happy with its performance and my iPhone gets more protection with the case than any other cover. But my sister ordered the slick vapor case on Wednesday. I coudn't comment if the metal case actually reduce the antenna reception but i will let you guys know when my sister receives the case.


Im with everyone else. I like the vapor black but it is pricey. I thought my iphone bumper was pricey at 30.


New Member
Can someone please enlighten me on why a brand new product (the 4th gen strongest one) needs something extra to protectct it?


New Member
Because like all other phones when you drop,scratch,impale.... They break.... I want an impervious phone too but haven't seen any on the market yet!