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IPA Application Installation


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Oct 18, 2010
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I just got my Iphone 4 Jailbroken OS 4.0.1 . When I tried to install application using itunes, I started getting an error. I searched net and found that I need to install AppSync for OS 4.0 in order to install apps form itunes. I did it and now the error is gone but the apps are not visible on my iphone although itunes show them that they are installed and i can see the icons on the screen in itunes but not on my iphone. I used iphone explorer to check wether the apps are on phone are not, and yes they are there in iphone but no icons are on my screen. Kindly help me.
just install the apps from app store rather then itunes if your having problems. and you dont need to install anything for apps to install from itunes, unless your trying to use a certain app that we wont mention
Thanks for your reply. Actually I am also trying to install apps from App Store but all I see is product description and no way to download or install application. I am from India, so that's going to make any difference ? Two times I have been charged $1.00 to my Credit Card but I didn't got any application.