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In Airport mode, does the iPhone emit any electronic frequencies?

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Mar 7, 2024
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I have a 200 retired iPhones and iPads. Electronic repair shops give them to me free. I use them only for listening to mp3 music on airport mode setting. I don't use cell phones. I heard microwave energy is dangerous. I have never sent a text. I don't want to. I'm old school. I like living this way. It's me. I don't want to be like you.

Does an iPhone emit any microwave energy or radio signals when in Airport mode?
What can I do to an iPhone to totally 100% defeat/disable an iPhone as a phone, to make it exclusively an mp3 player? Regular mp3 players die after a couple years.. An iPhone is super reliable as it lasts as a music player for many years, but the mp3 iPod players are not reliable, they die in a year or less.

Can I chop out the phone part of the iPhone's circuit board to make it exclusively a music player? Is there a technical link that instructs what to chop out to kill the phone part of it?
Anywhere there is a variable electrical current there is EM radiation, so even if you could strip out the communication part out of a printed circuit you wouldn’t escape an infinitesimal amount of microwave energy.
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Thank you your majesty.

I'm not concerned with the small stuff from cct boards, but the microwave emissions.
When a phone is set to airport are there any microwave emissions?

I'm a little concerned about microwaves because I read about the first two researchers who were developing radar for the military during WW2.
They were found dead in their lab in their early 40's, their organs all cooked to a nice meaty brown. Seems they accidentally turned their lab into a microwave oven, and cooked themselves.
I cook foods in a microwave oven in just a minute. I read about the increasing incidents of millions of people with brain tumors from cell phones, and humanity is growing stupider by the minute because the microwave radiation melting their brains, spirits, and minds. Heck! most people these days don't even possess the brains, minds, wits to solve a grade one arithmetic equation in their heads without cheating with a calculator, like trying to solve 7 times 17 in their heads... When something is dirty, and they don't like it dirty, they can't figure out that it can be cleaned, so they toss it out, is how I got two very expensive tarnished cluster diamond rings at garage sales for 50-cents each. If something doesn't work, they toss it out, even if it just needs new batteries. If a lamp doesn't work, it gets tossed out when it only needs a new light bulb. Microwaves are destroying humanity.

Are there any microwave emissions from a cell phone when it's set on airport mode?
  1. The phone tries to establish contact with the nearest cell tower at all times in a switched on mode. This leads to Electro Magnetic Radiation. When you put your device in Airplane mode, this form of radiation should be reduced to zero.
Airplane Mode doesn‘t disable Bluetooth automaltically, btw. You‘ll have to turn it of manually.
GPS is still working on your iPhone when Airplane Mode is enabled.