Working Out with the iPhone 5

Discussion in 'iPhone 5' started by perezr10, Sep 24, 2012.

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    I've been fairly critical of Apple's iPhone 5 thus far but I also have to give credit where it's due. The iPhone 5 is freakin' awesome for working out.

    I'm an avid runner and weightlifter who thoroughly enjoyed the 4S because it's unobtrusive size made it very easy to wear on your arm or on your shorts waist band. And apparently I'm not the only one because when I'm hitting the trails or the gym, I see plenty of other iPhones strapped to peoples arms. Incidentally, I rarely see large Android phones on people running. So I was real worried when rumours started leaking that Apple was going to go with a larger screen size. Would the phone be too heavy to carry on a run? Would I have to break down and get a smaller MP3 player for the gym?

    Now, I'm a die-hard Windows guy who still uses Windows PC's but my respect and admiration for Apple has grown exponentially with the purchase of my iPhone 5. I just made an assumption that a larger screen would mean a bigger and heavier phone. It never occurred to me that Apples relentless pursuit of perfection would cause them to do the impossible. The close-minded Android Zombies just don't understand why Apple instills such rabid enthusiasm. I do now. It's because their goal is not to check items off of a check list but their goal is to make their product more effective and usable.

    I've been running with my 5 and I'm blown away that it's actually nicer to have than my 4S. The light weight makes it less noticeable on your arm or on your shorts. I've even run with it in my hand it's so light and easy to grip. There is a a reason that Apple didn't want to the phone wider than it is. An extra third of an inch on the top doesn't make that much difference on your arm, but if you start going wider or heavier, that's gonna be a deal-breaker. And you have a good grip on it when you walk. If it get's too wide, that grip becomes awkward.

    And it's even smaller in your pocket. It's so much thinner that it ACTUALLY TAKES UP LESS SPACE. For the first time ever, I can run with my phone just in my basketball shorts. I couldn't do that with 4S. It's probably due more to the lighter weight causing less downward bounce but still, if you could crush these two phones into a cube. The 4S would be a larger cube.

    So thank you Apple. Thanks for not going down the Samsung road of throwing in items in a half-a$$ way that compromise the overall design. out?utm_medium=referral&utm_source=pulsenews

    Because in the end, I don't care about my phone, I want music while I workout. And the fact that you will literally invent something that doesn't exist or buy an entire company to make it happen, I appreciate that.

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