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How can I import calendar events from Android?


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Jan 10, 2015
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Moving my Droid X data over to my iphone 5s, hoping that an entire year of important calendar events can by moved over too by any means other than manually re-entering each event. Any suggestions?
Not knowing anything about Android...do you have your calendar linked to a web based service such as Gmail, Yahoo, etc? If so, it should populate once you set up those services on your iPhone.
If it's not possible to just set up the email account on your iPhone and sync calendar events that way, use an app, like Copy my Data to get them to your iDevice. It has to be installed on both devices, Android and iPhone, both have to be connected to the same Wi-Fi.
Thanks for the replies. I did my research on how to best move my Android data over to my iphone and I succesfully moved all my contacts (along with the contact pics) over. I can't get this to work though. The calendar events were created originally on my Android phone calendar and I'm looking thru the setting and for some reason the phone calendar wont allow me to sync.
Login to your Gmail account and look at the calendar there. If the events are not in your Gmail calendar, you can't sync them to your iPhone through the Gmail account.
In that case you'll need an app to transfer them.

If they show up in Gmail, they should also appear on your iPhone when you set up the account on it, and enable Calendars for the Gmail account.

This site should help with your problem:
Move content from your Android phone to iPhone - Apple Support
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I've pinpointed the problem. I've been entering calendar events on my phone calendar, which is stored on my phone, and not shared via google. I'm apparently not able to move events created on my phone calendar to gmail. Ugh.
There was an app mentioned in that link, Copy my Data. I've also told you to use it. Install the app on both devices, the version from Google Play Store on your Android and the App Store app on your iPhone. Connect both to the same Wi-Fi, and you'll be able to transfer the calendar events to the iPhone, even though they are not synced to Gmail.
Thanks Much! After endlessly trying to find a solution, yours worked. Have a great day :)