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notification center - calendar events not showing


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Oct 18, 2011
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So i just got my fancy new iphone 4s and am loving it... quite a step up from my 3g.

I've had a few issues (apple id, not able to update any apps, etc) but have figured them all out except this one - calender events don't show up in the notification center. I'm syncing my google calendar, as i always have, and the only way i can get a calendar event to appear is to create a new one on from any other device but my iphone. All pre-existing calendar events won't appear in the notification center. If i create a new event in my calendar app, it won't appear in the notification center. They will only appear if i create a new event from any other device. So what gives? Do i have to delete all pre-existing events and reschedule them with a device other than my iphone? That solution isn't gonna fly... anyone else having this issue?