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Lost Calendar Events


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Aug 4, 2013
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I edited a yearly repeated calendar event's notification. When prompted the event is recurring I was given the option to save for this event only or to save for future events. I chose to save for future events. When I returned to the calendar, that event and several other repeated events disappeared. I didn't have my calendar on iCloud so I turned that on and changed the sync to "all events" but I guess that didn't matter since I wasn't backing up on iCloud prior to losing the events. I synced in iTunes on my computer, but that didn't recover the lost events.

Any suggestions how to retrieve them? What's strange is I did not lose all repeated events, only some. And to the best of my knowledge they were all originally entered the same way. Any help you could offer would be appreciated.
I'm sorry to hear that, Serindipity. I guess the other calendar may be rewrote while you are saving the new one. Have you tried some tools to recover your lost calendar? Maybe you can get back all the lost ones.
Hope that helps. :)