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HELPP! Im stranded in hawaii!


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Jul 2, 2010
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kansas city , MO
Hello everyone.
I am out here in beautiful Hana, maui. the only problem with that is there is no service out here. i thought that i would be able to make phone calls and send texts through the wifi at my house. but no such luck. :(
If anyone can please help me and let me know how this would be possible i would greatly appreciate it. i have already tried apps like itim, and altphone. and its not worth having to pay for every minutee.
you have no 3g service? and your lucky i wish i was there i wouldent care about having the net ;p enjoy hawaii screw the net
If your looking to text and call over wifi here are a few apps to check out. First is skype for calls you can also get a skype number for a few bucks a month. Second is text+ it's almost like the SMS app but uses wifi not the phone network.
If you are bored in Hawaii, you can always facetime us. :)
buy a local prepaid sim card, but unlock your phone before doing this.