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iPhone 5 WiFi problem


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Jan 28, 2015
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Im new here so im not sure if im posting this in the right place. But anyways, ive recently recieved a second hand iPhone 5. I have noticed that im having a few issues with the wifi connection at my house. When im in the livingroom (this is also the room where my router is) and i connect to my WiFi it works perfectly, but if i leave the room and go upstairs the connection seems to break for some reason. It shouldnt be the distance since my wife has the same phone and her WiFi works flawless!

So what i thought was that my phones WiFi adapter is broken. But the weird thing is that in the office where i work i dont seem to have this issue. Ive tried reseting everything etc.. But nothing seems to solve this.
Im using iOS 8.1.2, same as my wife. Hope you guys could help me! Btw sorry for the bad english!!
Have you tried resetting the router? It seems to help in some cases.
Yes, ive tried that multiple times. Im not sure if this could be a problem with the router since my wifes phones works fine on the same WiFi.. Other end devices also seem to works without issues.
Well since you said that the phone was second hand, have you tried connecting to iTunes and doing a restore? Being used there is a remote possibility that there may be corrupt files which would be corrected with a restore.

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The router has the ability to transmit at different channels. If you google your issue it will show you how to enter the router and change the transmitting numbers. This is a common issue from IOS 8 and higher.

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