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Help needed on multi-level photo folders on 3GS


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Mar 29, 2012
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Hello everyone. As is obvious, I'm new here. I've been using Nokia phones seemingly forever, and currently mostly use the N8. I purchased an iPhone 3GS 32 GB while overseas, and am now trying to get it to do what my Nokia N8 does. It came originally from Dubai, so it's "factory unlocked", but is otherwise stock - I haven't done anything to it (other than trying to get it fixed up after the previous owner gave it an unexpected bath).

I had some questions, and posted them on SGRID, my own forum site, Loading, please wait... (which is mostly about R/C car racing, not phones), and haven't really received any good answers yet. I spent half a day yesterday searching for the answer, but from what I can tell, what I want to do (nested photo folders) can't be done.

I spent the past six months in India. For each city I visited, I took lots of photos, which were organized by year, then city, then the "event" or "activity". I wanted to copy this whole nested folder structure to my phone, but it won't accept sub-folders. I guess that's the biggest reason why I'm here now, to see if there's a way around this.

Anyway, hello to everyone - I'll start looking around here to see if I can find an answer. If any of you know what I might be able to do, please leave a note here in this thread, where I'll be able to find it again (I hope!!).


I might as well ask about the other thing I want to do. Since I'm spending half my time in the US and half in India, getting a monthly contract from AT&T for phone service doesn't make financial sense. Since my phone is factory unlocked, I can (and have) signed up with T-Mobile for their pre-pay service. With my AT&T Gophone account, I get phone, but no data. With my T-Mobile pre-paid account, I get both phone and data. Are there any plans I'm not yet aware of, that would allow me to get data from AT&T without having to sign up for a regular plan (12 months/year)?

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